More sustainable tourism at Mer & Golf

Sensitive to environmental issues, our three Mer & Golf City residences in Bordeaux have put in place a number of levers in order to be part of a more responsible tourism. 

From the suppression of all plastics, good energy and water management to the proposal of breakfasts with good organic and local products: everything is put in place to offer responsible stays to our corporate and leisure customers. Since 2022, our Mer & Golf City Bordeaux Bruges establishment has been certified by Clef Verte and our two other establishments, Mer & Golf City Bassins à Flot and Bordeaux Lac, are currently in the process of being certified.

We raise the awareness of our teams and our clients:

  • Our environmental manager has undergone specific training on the challenges of sustainable tourism, environmental preservation and CSR;
  • Our teams are made aware of the eco-gestures to respect in their daily tasks;
  • We favour our service providers and suppliers according to their sustainable and social commitments;
  • We provide our clients with information booklets, brochures and displays concerning the animal and plant species located in the vicinity;
  • We offer alternatives to limit car travel: bicycle hire/loan, shuttles, public transport, car pooling. 

We save water and energy:

  • We have installed water savers/pressure reducers on the taps and showers so as not to exhaust the resource;
  • We read our water and electricity meters every month to better manage our consumption;
  • All our lighting is LED, which saves energy and provides similar comfort for our customers;
  • We have installed presence detectors/ timers in the common areas / corridors to limit energy waste. 

We limit and sort waste:

  • We have set up several selective sorting points;
  • We sort all types of waste;
  • We limit individual packaging, particularly at breakfast, and have eliminated plastic bottles for our seminars;
  • We offer hospitality products only on request in order to reduce the production of packaging waste;
  • We do not offer any non-recyclable disposable tableware. 

We are attentive to the well-being of our clients:

  • The products used for the maintenance of the accommodation/rooms/flats are all eco-labelled, which offers better air quality and fewer health risks;
  • For the well-being of our staff and you, we have banned bleach, which is irritating to the respiratory tract and toxic to aquatic organisms;
  • Our establishment is completely non-smoking.

And even more:

  • Our green spaces are maintained without pesticides and we use alternative methods to products to fight against weeds and insects, manual weeding;
  • We have partnerships with local recycling centers and donate our old equipment/furniture;
  • Each year we commit to new criteria to perfect our approach, so don't hesitate to send us your ideas!

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